Cloud Community Europe General Manager

Since may 2017, I have the privilege of beign the General Manager of Cloud Community Europe (CCE) which is the new European Network defining what the Digital Transformation is and explaining the cloud ecosystem from the inside. CCE accelerates business among its members by providing a vendor-neutral knowledge network and acting as a bridge between policy-makers and business, and connecting members across Europe. CCE delivers orientation, guidance and best practice and assists providers and customers with their Digital Transformation.

This was the official launch event of the association that took place within the Cloud Week 2017 in Paris on the 6th of July.

If you are working in Europe on Big Data, IoT, Smart Cities, Artificial Intelligence, Mobility, Information Security, Compliance and Legal, Chain Management or any other cloud-enabling services, you’ll find the perfect environment for your business development in the Cloud Community Europe.

Join Cloud Community Europe and be part of this fast-growing community!

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