Digital security for the world of anywhere work

Digital security for the world of anywhere work

Anywhere work comes with all-around security risks. When HP moved its workforce of 70,000 employees and contractors to a hybrid model, the umbrella of devices it had to protect expanded exponentially.

HP had to ensure that they could:

Meet today’s rising security challenges

Guard employee data

Make layers of security transparent and automated Keep software up to date

Ensure security policy compliance

How HP achieved it

The HP CISO and Security team looked to their own extensive arsenal of services and chose the HP Adaptive Endpoint Management, HP Sure Click Enterprise, and HP Wolf Security components to protect its growing hybrid work environment.

Automated security policies

HP Adaptive Endpoint Management helps automate security updates from the cloud. When a cyberthreat is on the horizon, employees no longer have to wait until they are back on a corporate network—they can get the latest patches and upgrades from anywhere. Adaptive Endpoint Management enabled HP to rationalize its device management practices by streamlining policy management and using a corporate-ready device image.

Vigilant protection for end users

HP Sure Click Enterprise isolates key applications in their own micro-virtual containers—trapping and deleting risky programs, viruses, and malware as soon as the task is closed, keeping them from infecting the PC or network.

Built-in device protections

HP Wolf Security provides hardware-enforced full stack security that works below, in, and above the OS. IT departments are better able to improve lifecycle management as well as incident and disaster recovery while helping security teams minimize risk and increase team productivity—without interruption to employees.

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