How digital workspaces can secure hybrid work

How digital workspaces can secure hybrid work

The enterprise workplace has changed significantly over the past few years with the rapid adoption of hybrid work. Organizations across all industries can leverage digital workspaces to implement hybrid work models that (1) provide employees with a superior user experience, (2) meet security, productivity, collaboration, and employee satisfaction goals for the business, and (3) are manageable for IT.

The way forward is implementing a digital workspace solution that can deliver a high-quality user experience for a wide variety of employee needs and keep business information secure. Digital workspaces closely replicate the on-premises experience when an employee is off-site or at home, so employees can continue to be productive wherever they want to work.

What is a digital workspace?

Digital workspaces allow employees to access their work in real-time, from anywhere they have a network connection and using any device. It encompasses virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), data centres, edge, workstations, and applications, whether onpremises or in the cloud, endpoints, collaboration technologies, management and administrative tools, as well as secure access policies and tools.

The virtual nature of digital workspaces makes them highly accessible—corporately managed devices that remain in an office space aren’t a requisite to securely access company data and applications.

 A digital workspace that lives on a cloud or on a server stack can be accessible on employee’s devices, Zero Clients, and Thin Clients.

Digital workspaces include collaboration features so employees and peers can work together on the same project—even on the same workspace—when they aren’t physically in the same space. They also allow users to share resources. Teams in the same city, or even around the world in different time zones, can leverage shared hosts and applications. To find out more on how to create secure, collaborative and productive digital workspaces click here. For more information on ensuring secure access to digital workspaces click here.

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