The global climate crisis is one of the most significant and urgent issues facing the planet today, threatening the ecosystems we depend upon. A collective effort is urgently required. One way to help protect the environment for future generations is for every business to begin moving towards carbon neutrality.

A carbon neutral business is one that has minimized its carbon footprint through a combination of measures including increased operating efficiency, switching to renewable energy, and investing in carbon offset projects that not only mitigate greenhouse gas emissions, but also create immense social impact by providing new jobs and opportunities for strengthening communities vulnerable to unsustainable practices.

At HP, the health of our planet, people, and communities has always been a core value. This is why we’re stepping up to meet this most critical challenge by offering HP customers a certified carbon neutral Managed Print Service offering. A simple and cost-effective way for businesses to make a genuine difference, without business disruption.

Make the right choice for the environment

HP Managed Print Service (MPS) is CarbonNeutral® certified in accordance with The CarbonNeutral Protocol1 and covers the lifecycle emissions of HP printers, HP supplies, paper, manufacturing, transportation, use, and even end of service.

What does being CarbonNeutral® certified mean for HP Managed Print Service customers?

HP MPS customers can rest assured that their HP printing solution is CarbonNeutral® certified.1 Besides offsetting 100% of the greenhouse gas emissions related to printing, HP MPS helps organizations reduce and offset the environmental impact of printing by:

Optimizing your fleet to reduce carbon emissions

Estimating the total carbon emissions from your HP-branded printing solution using HP’s proprietary Sustainable Impact Reporting and Analytics (SIRA) tool

25% Reduction in paper waste

13% resource efficiency improvement

12% decrease in ecosystem impacts

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