Your digital transformation formula for success

Your digital transformation formula for success

Your digital transformations may have turned your network operations on its head. You’ve moved workloads out to the cloud, adopted SD-WAN technologies and most of your critical applications are now hosted in a SaaS environment. So how do you manage operations when your users aren’t even using your enterprise network anymore?

Join Broadcom for our 3rd annual NetOps Virtual Summit as we showcase Experience-Driven NetOps. We are proud to be the only vendor to deliver network monitoring and management that uses end-user experience metrics to determine the state of the network, for any user, on any device, on any network… anywhere. At Broadcom, we ensure reliable connections that are experience-proven and enable network operations teams to become experience-driven, going beyond just device-specific visibility. This is Experience-Driven NetOps.

Register for the NetOps Virtual Summit today and expect to learn the formula for success from industry experts and your peers in network operations; as they reveal how they evolved their network monitoring and management to the next level by:

Optimizing operations with a 95% improvement in NOC triage

With user-experience metrics surfaced alongside your standardized operational workflows in a single tool, you too can transform NOC triage and response for fast isolation of any network performance impacts on the user experience by 95% with Broadcom.

Accelerating network transformation while realizing a 160% ROI

Gain agility and speed in delivering modern solutions out to market with unified coverage for the most traditional and software-defined, multi-vendor network technologies in the market today. By validating performance across multi-vendor SD-WAN networks; and tracking configuration changes before they can jeopardize network performance, you too can realize an enterprise monitoring ROI of up to 160% with Broadcom.

Enhancing connected experiences while proving your innocence by 91%  

Optimal network delivery for today’s user experience is more critical than ever for today’s hybrid work environment. Ensuring user productivity over managed and unmanaged networks is your new reality now; but you too can identify and resolve issues that impact user experience faster; you can get passive and active insights on cloud application utilization quicker; and you can ensure network resources are operating at optimal levels easier. Armed with these capabilities, our customers have improved Mean-Time-To-Innocence by 91% with Broadcom.

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